10 Best Places for Your Spontaneous Nevada Wedding

Nevada is the final great symbol of what’s to come in the Wild West. The bars, casinos celebrations, wedding chapels throughout Nevada shout, “We’re ready to cut loose!”

For the majority of people, the continuous activity around the state provides enough to keep them going. Some gamblers and party goers don’t like the typical adrenaline-pumping in Las Vegas or Reno.

They require something that will be frightening to even the most courageous of souls. They get married.

I can appreciate the appeal as my wife and I held an informal wedding at a private Jamaican beach. There was no need to worry about guests lists, menus, people, or a huge cost. It was awe-inspiring and I’d like to do it exactly the same times over.

There is a chance that you will you find yourself in the same scenario while enjoying the amazing views and music of Nevada. Here are the top 10 places to have your very own Nevada wedding.

1 – Chapel of the Bells

Chapel of the Bells is one of the most well-known Las Vegas institution. Chapel of the Bells has featured on a variety of television and film shows.

Chapel of the Bells is popular as a place to marry famous celebrities. The beautiful chapel which is located on the northern edge of the Las Vegas Strip is as popular as the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign.

Beautiful gardens greet happy wedding guests when they walk into the chapel, which provides the services of a non-denominational church or any other religion you’d like to have.

The bride wouldn’t want to be cold in the waiting room to catch an Uber.

2 – The Little Vegas Chapel

The Little Vegas Chapel is a popular choice for locals as well as those who travel to Vegas. Little Vegas Chapel is the preferred choice for those traveling to Las Vegas. Little Vegas Chapel offers a numerous wedding packages.

The chapel is able to fit in the budget of the most apathetic gamblers. You can play the game quite a bit in this charming small chapel.

It is possible to have the wedding ceremony with a wedding officiated by Elvis or create a totally fake wedding. I’m not sure that it will could ever be a good thing however I’d like to witness the aftermath of a sloppy parents with a fake marriage.

If you’re able to come up with just $200, you can enjoy a an entire wedding experience. It’s just three times less than the average wedding ceremony across the US.

This sounds like a downpayment on a brand new house to me.

3 – Antique Angel Wedding Chapel

The Antique Angel Wedding Chapel is the ideal spot for anyone who wants to get married to be married in Reno, Nevada.

Antique Angel attempts to give the traditional wedding atmosphere while in Reno. If you’re looking for a fun and unique wedding alternatives click for more info, you might want to consider other alternatives.

If you’re looking to add some class in the event, Reno wedding, there’s not an alternative venue I’d recommend.

The standard prices for a la carte services for weddings in the Antique Angel that you’d expect in one of Nevada Wedding chapels.

The most basic wedding package costs just $85, however you can customize them to be as fancy as your budget permits. Antique Angel will conduct your wedding ceremony for up to 80 of your closest guests for just $300.

If you’re thinking about it how you could find that great of a bargain in Jamaica.

4 – Chapel of the Flowers

If you’re experiencing even the slightest sense of guilt over leaving your dad, mom or your grandparents, neighbors, or any other left behind, Chapel of the Flowers is for you.

The location actually has three distinct and equally stunning ceremony chapels for weddings within Las Vegas. You can pick between the Magnolia Chapel, the Victorian Chapel, or the La Capella Chapel.

Each of these places is one of the most stunning in the entire state of Nevada.

It is famous as having the top photographer who are among the best photographers in Las Vegas. This means that you won’t need to depend on your drunk acquaintances’ unsavory photos and videos from their cell phones to impress your loved ones at home.

You can purchase the basic experience for the cheap price of $300. But, you can upgrade the whole service with the Romantic package that includes professional-quality video for just $695.

5 – Graceland Wedding Chapel

Everyone has wanted to see Graceland So now it’s here. Graceland Wedding Chapel in Sin City is among the most renowned wedding chapels around the globe.

It has played host to numerous weddings since the venue were opened more than 70 years ago. Graceland was among the first casinos that began organizing Elvis weddings following the King’s death. died in 1977.

If you want to brand your wedding venue to be in line with Elvis Presley it is essential to provide some amazing Elvis officiated wedding ceremonies. Graceland will not let you down.

The packages with The King (in the same manner that children get to see Santa on the way to the store) begin at less than $200. This means that Graceland among the top enjoyable and affordable places to get married “I do” on your trip from Las Vegas.

6 – Silver Queen Wedding Chapel

Silver Queen Hotel and Wedding Chapel is among the most romantic wedding venues in Nevada. It will be difficult finding a place that will bring more Wild West glamour to your wedding.

The building is a 145-year-old saloon and hotel with all the authenticity and charm that you could wish for. It could be like a person wearing a black hat is getting ready to snoop through the door and begin causing trouble.

Luckily, there’s nothing like that. There will only be a beautiful ceremony inside a historic relic which has been preserved through the curiosity and nostalgia of many tourists.

The package of $400 comes with a flower arrangement, dress along with wedding cake and more. Most chapels don’t even think about the wedding cake and that’s a real regret.

Do you think there is a cake that is better than the wedding cake?

7 – Arch of Reno

Arch of Reno is one of the most contemporary and fashionable wedding locations in Nevada. You’ll be able to enjoy all the amenities of bigger wedding venues, but within a smaller, convenient package.

Arch of Reno is truly an all-inclusive wedding venue. It is possible to rent a wedding gown or hire a photographer and even get your wedding bands in the chapel.

Weddings cost $200 and include more than twelve wedding photos. Although, they can be a bit sloppy and appear to be prom photos.

It is possible to opt for a package for weekdays which comes with a lot of wonderful extras for the price of the price of just $230.

8 – Wedgewood Weddings

Wedgwood is among the most sought-after wedding venues firms across the United States.

Wedgwood lets you completely personalize your wedding. They offer packages starting at affordable rates and allow you to modify or remove an array of options.

It’s unlikely that you can get married at Wedgwood at the nifty $200 that many chapels are charging. If you’re looking for your wedding guests to be impressed with a meal or drinks and DJ entertainment, Wedgwood is an excellent venue to get married.

In addition, you’re only having this experience once and you could be wise to make it count.

9 – Lucky Little Wedding Chapel

If you are looking for the ultimate example of elegance and professionalism in your Nevada wedding Look at Lucky Little Wedding Chapel.

The chapel doesn’t have the long history of others Las Vegas chapels on the list. The staff is there who will make your wedding party feel like you’re one of the guests scheduled to attend the ceremony.

The packages start as low as $100 for the basic “I will.” Of of course, there are also higher price weddings you can have fun if you weren’t losing all your money in the casino.

Lucky Little Wedding Chapel belongs to anyone who wants to tie the knot in Nevada at a low cost.

10 – Little Church of the West

Go south from the Strip You’ll come onto Little Church of the West. The beautiful chapel is among the most historic buildings located in Las Vegas.

The church has hosted weddings to a variety of celebrities The appeal has only increased with the passing of time. If you’re looking to make your special day extra special, Little Church of the West is the perfect place to get everything you’re looking for and more.

The packages can be adapted to a range of budgets, which can be from $200 at the low end , to nearly $700 for the higher end.


The top 10 places to have your spontaneous Nevada weddings are located in Las Vegas and Reno. It’s because these are the most frequently frequented by visitors.

It’s not a good idea to take a two-hour Uber journey to an church out in desert conditions at 4am. The mind can rapidly change during these situations as the alcohol starts to fade disappear.

Perhaps this is an advantage. You crazy kids are going to be well. Congrats!